In this computer era, we depend on the computer to help us complete tasks, and to solve problems. Computers are used in various fields like business, pharmacy, music, education, engineering, defense, transportation, and cooking as they help to ease certain tasks, provide information faster, and speed up the work. By computer education, we mean learning how the basic concepts related to a computer works, gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation, knowing about the basic components of a computer, the basic concepts behind the use of computers and knowing how some of the elementary computer applications constitute computer education. Without computer education we can’t success in today’s competition era because about all competition exam be will held on online exam. So, computer education is very compulsory to all.

COMPUTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATIONAL TRUST is the best institute for choosing Technical education especially in Information Technology. The main aim to establishment of this institution is to spread the computer education to all over India. Our Organization has been Registered Under Indian Trust act 1882 by Govt. of Bihar and decided to provide the Computer Education in nominal charge for every person of our lower and middle class of society. I wish and try to success the dream of computer education in all India. The Organization has mission and prime goal of providing quality It education to Students and also what an IT Profession need by creating different skilled which is needed by It Professionals in the country. The Organization Provides education & Certification in Computer Software/ Hardware, Computer Accounting, Computer Networking & Mobile Technology. I am sure that our student can get enough knowledge to face any challenges that an employer may have on them. I wish for their great success and bright future and better tomorrow.



Surendra Kumar
Managing Director